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We understand the importance of keeping prices low, offering good customer service, selling only quality products, maintaining product warranty support, and striving for on-time deliveries.


M C Enterprises is an import wholesaler supplying after-warranty appliance parts to recreational vehicle customers in the United States and Canada. We have expanded our RV appliance parts lines beyond refrigerators to include furnaces, water heaters, and stoves. These parts come from manufacturers who follow strict federal and state regulations, guaranteeing our customers access to the most reliable products possible.


Our company specializes in offering quality, direct-replacement products at lower prices. Once the appliance’s warranty period is over, you have the option of buying your parts from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or from M C Enterprises. The difference is you will get at least the same quality and warranty, but the M C Enterprises’ price will be 10% - 30% lower. The choice is yours.


How are we able to offer lower prices and yet maintain the same OEM quality?  The answer is simple. We hold prices down by keeping our overhead low. We own our warehouse, buy large quantity, have few employees, do not hire sales staff, and limit advertising. The cost savings are passed along to our customers in the form of more affordable pricing.

We've been a family business since the mid-1980s. We currently operate out of our warehouse in Northern California.

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